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Customer Service: Doing it Right

Today’s post comes from Bridgz Account Manager Andrew Galarneault. A lot of companies large and small talk about their “great” customer service. Businesses want to be known for going the extra mile for their customers. In reality, not that many...

Posted June 21, 2012    

Getting Closer To Customers: Eight Ways Data Can Help

By Jim Bergeson -- Sometimes, we marketers get in our own way.  We flood people who don’t necessarily want to hear from us with a deluge of communications. Or we forget to say “thank you” to that long-time customer.Data can be the secret weapon...

Posted May 10, 2012    

The Perils of Treating All Customers Alike

Today’s post comes from Bridgz Director of Production Services, Denise Maher-Gall Last week I received an e-mail from a printer that has been calling on our company for about three years. This printer, like many others, is expanding its...

Posted March 1, 2012    

How to Leave Customers Raving

Car dealerships and car salesmen get a bad rap for being crooked, uncaring and even slimy. However, this last spring my husband and I had a wonderful customer experience with the purchase of our 2011 Jeep Liberty.   We were previous Jeep...

Posted January 12, 2012    

Aim for Consistency in Customer Experience

Today’s post comes from Bridgz’s director of data services Bob Gorans. My wife and I have been looking for a new TV over the past few months and have spent considerable time researching online. After much scouring, we finally found the product we...

Posted December 29, 2011    

Planning for Customers, Not Channels

This can be a hectic time of year where marketers are asked to evaluate and justify in-progress programs, with the high performers being carried into the coming year(s) and the underperformers being sent to the chopping block. In today’s media-...

Posted September 8, 2011    

Winning Where it Counts

Note: Today’s entry is a guest post from Bridgz employee Nick Nelson. A recent post from Elizabeth Glagowski on The 1to1 Blog noted that Sprint is banking its future on enhanced customer engagement. As a longtime Sprint customer, the entry resonated...

Posted August 11, 2011    

A Tale of Two Customer Emails

“Chic dresses for the garden party season” — so reads the header on the email I received from Nordstrom, inviting me to click over to its summer sale extravaganza. The day prior I received another email from Nordstrom for men’s shoes.  It...

Posted July 27, 2011    

We’re All Marketers Now

In a consumer-driven economy, competitive advantage goes to companies that can engage with customers in a  meaningful way across all points of interaction. With the complexity of today’s multi-channel market environment, this is not something...

Posted July 18, 2011