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5 Dreadful Blogging Mistakes of 2013

Dreadful blogging mistakes!!??For a blogger, the biggest challenge is to get the reader’s attention and have them spend much time on the blog. Given the current state of internet, where content sharing is too easy, you cannot afford to make any...

Posted December 26, 2013    

Google Hummingbird Explained

Malhar Barai This week on #SEOTalk we had some amazing discussions on Google Hummingbird. There were so many questions and few were pretty intriguing.Here are the transcripts of the entire Twitter chat.While I had captured the essence of the...

Posted October 21, 2013    

Hidden Value of Long Tail SEO [INFOGRAPHIC]

Is long tail SEO, really SEO?? Many experts are still divided over it.The way I see it, you cannot ignore the power of long tail SEO. Your content strategy needs to have a focus on the future too and that is where targeting the right set of keywords...

Posted September 20, 2013    

Four Twitter Pitfalls to Avoid

Maybe Twitter is the best thing that has happened to brands. But somewhere in there, a few Twitter pitfalls are ruining the experience of many users.Sadly, many brands do not really understand the platform and consider Twitter to be just another...

Posted July 24, 2013    

3 Reasons Paid Social Media Endorsement Will Work

 At the Social Media Day event recently, we had some interesting panel discussion on ‘Social Media Endorsement’.The discussion was one of the best I have heard in recent times. On one side of the discussion was Tinu Cherian with about 100k...

Posted July 5, 2013    

5 SEO Tricks for Pinterest

Pinterest, without a doubt has been one of the fastest and every growing social media platform for brands with over 11 million users. I have always maintained that it is one medium every B2C brands should explore. Pinterest also has a great...

Posted January 24, 2013    

Social Media Maintenance – The 3 S’s [Infographic]

Social Media has become a rage now. No wonder, since it can encompass a lot of things, given the recent trends – improving brands identity, offering better customer service. Also,  it has enabled multiple businesses like tool development –...

Posted January 9, 2013