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Overcoming Information Overload for Employee Advocates in Social Media

If you have a problem that persists for a very long time, maybe it's not a problem. Maybe it's a fact.That is information overload: a fact that isn't going away. And anyone managing an Employee Advocacy program needs to think about how you will help...

Posted February 12, 2014    

Two Surprising Keys to Build Trust and Drive Sales Through Social Media

In a world where information continues to explode, people still trust people. In fact, research from Edelman and Nielsen continue to show that people are more likely to trust information from an organization’s employee or from someone they perceive...

Posted September 16, 2013    

Tips for Scaling Social Media

Your social media policies should help you to scale your social media operations and differentiate your organization in the market, but most organizations are still missing the point. Scaling social media often requires mobilizing and empowering...

Posted January 21, 2010