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Yelp's Algorithm Will Be Its Downfall

It goes without saying that reviews tend to skew negative, right? Far more people run to TripAdvisor or Amazon after a terrible experience than an amazing, or even satisfactory, one. Can we also safely say that people are far more brazen with their...

Posted March 14, 2014    

WhatsApp Is Just What Facebook Needed

Let Wall Street doubt all they want. The critics will say that no company would pay for an acquisition with 2/3 stock if they thought their stock was undervalued. They'll also say that Facebook spent 1/3 of its available cash on hand to pay for this...

Posted February 21, 2014    

Beginner's Guide to Hashtags, Mentions, and Replies

One of the fastest ways to increase your brand awareness on Twitter is through the use of hashtags, mentions, and replies. Using them wrong, however, can not only make your brand look foolish and amateurish, but it can also be detrimental to your...

Posted February 6, 2014