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Everything You Need to Know About Facebook Ads [INFOGRAPHIC]

No doubt about it: Facebook is the best social networking platform, and now marketers prefer Facebook first to promote their business. Facebook ads are effective. ComScore analyst Andrew Lipsman says, “Facebook earned media is having a...

Posted December 2, 2013    

Facebook Developing a Reader under the Supervision of Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook is now working on a new system named ‘Reader.’ Today, the Wall Street Journal reports that Facebook may be developing a rival to Flipboard. According to the WSJ, “The social network has been quietly working on a service,...

Posted June 24, 2013    

A New Social Network for Tech Professionals

Solaborate, a new social network for tech professionals, is seeing its beta launch. It's a professional network whose Los Angeles, California-based platform gives more weight to companies and technology professionals.According to Marketwire’s report...

Posted May 5, 2013    

Experience a Must When Hiring an SEO Company

SEO services are a part of modern day business life. Creating websites to interact with customers is a trend, which most business resort to. However, that is certainly not the end. The site created is not the first and hence, there is every chance...

Posted March 2, 2013    

Yahoo Shutting Down 7 Products including BlackBerry App

Yahoo Inc announced on Friday that they are going to shutdown their 7 products. The company going to shutdown it’s BlackBerry app, Avatars, Clues, app search, Sports IQ, Message Boards, and its Updates API next month. On April 1 first six...

Posted March 2, 2013    

Friendster Back with Social Network

Friendster is bringing social back. Yes the traditional social networking platform is back from social gaming. Friendster was launched in 2002 by an American computer programmer Jonathan Abrams as a social networking platform to connect users with...

Posted December 29, 2012    

Facebook on the Way to Change Your Timeline Again

Facebook is about to change your profile timeline again. Reports says that a new look has shown up for a limited number of users already. Its going to hit a larger crowd soon. According to ABC News, a producer's profile changed already to the...

Posted December 22, 2012