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Pizza Hut Evolves In-Store Digital

When I was in college I had an idea to open a restaurant with self-service beer taps at each table. My late friend Randy Pittman told me I was insane, and some 15 years later I found a bar in Washington, D.C., called Redline that had such table...

Posted March 3, 2014    

Is Your Earned Marketing Triangulated?

A few years ago, I wrote a story for Forbes about Gillette’s Summer Job campaign as I found the level of the campaign's channel integration to be of interest. In that case Gillette, the Procter & Gamble shaving...

Posted February 15, 2014    

ALF's Reemergence Reminds Us That Content Is KIng

While the depth of my experience is in reputation management, my heart has always been in creative content development. Perhaps that is because as marketing communications has evolved over the past 10-15 years, one could argue that creative content...

Posted February 14, 2014    

Beer Porn and the Simplicity of Social Media Content

A few months ago I was having lunch with two friends, discussing the changing nature of social media. In particular, we talked about which content drives more engagement today.One of the friends, Sierra Cook of Anheuser-Busch, made an...

Posted February 10, 2014    

10 Steps to Rebrand Your City as a Startup Hub

Much like a hipster with a good mustache, referring to your city as a haven for startups is rather “in” right now. Startup hubs are currently popping up in the older Rustbelt cities where manufacturing once led the way.Several cities –...

Posted February 8, 2014    

Gillette Loses Its Way in Mustache Flap

“P&G Blames The Mustache.” That was an actual recent headline in the Wall Street Journal after Procter & Gamble Chief Financial Officer Jon Moeller blamed slumping sales of Gillette products on a “reduced incidence...

Posted February 7, 2014