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Your Own League of Superfans: Three Types to Recruit

In my last post, I intro­duced you to your new BFF: the super­fan. I know you can’t wait to embark on a long, fruit­ful rela­tion­ship with your most loyal, vocal, valu­able cus­tomers. But some of you might be think­...

Posted April 8, 2014    

Introducing Your New BFF: The Superfan

We all know what it’s like to be a fan. Have you ever bought a mag­a­zine just because your celebrity crush was on the cover? Or pre­ordered an album before hear­ing it out of loy­alty to your favorite band? Some­times it’s...

Posted April 2, 2014    

Three Ways to Nurture Brand Loyalty Today

Achieving genuine and lasting customer loyalty is the foremost challenge facing digital marketers in 2014. True, it’s always been the challenge, but after the digital landgrab of recent years the stakes are higher than ever. New customers are great...

Posted February 28, 2014    

What Can Digital Marketers Learn from Holmesian Deduction? Hint: It’s in the Small Data

It’s no mystery that customer loyalty is declining. IRI, a consumer intelligence firm, reports that “the amount of food and non-food goods sold on promotion increased 2.7% in the past year—yet volume sales have started to decline.” In other words,...

Posted February 27, 2014