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Manage Your Google+ Page with HootSuite

A community manager's job just got a little easier, thanks to HootSuite. Announced on their blog,  HootSuite now allows you to manage your Google+ Page on their platform. This is a huge step towards bringing all your social media management...

Posted July 20, 2012    

Why Your Pinterest Boards Have More Followers Than Your Account

Marketers, businesses and brands alike are striving to understand what engagement strategies work best with Pinterest, while figuring out how to measure these strategies as they go. Many would assume that taking note of followers of your overall...

Posted April 20, 2012    

3 Benefits of Answering YouTube Comments on Your Channel

Engagement is a huge buzz word in the social media space. Brands are often tasked with spurring this engagement with their audiences on each social network they are active on, but often comments on a brand's YouTube channel are left unanswered. It's...

Posted April 3, 2012    

Many Twitter Users Rarely Tweet [STUDY]

According to an AYTM Market Research Study, 42% of Twitter users rarely tweet from their own accounts. The study surveyed 200 Twitter users by asking, “how often do you tweet?” This seems surprising considering as of June 2011 there were 200 million...

Posted April 2, 2012    

How 3 Small Businesses Succeed at Google+

Whether Google+ is right for most businesses has yet to be seen, infact even a former Googler has questioned Google's focus on making Google+ a success. Nevertheless, some businesses have made outstanding progress using Google+, especially...

Posted March 28, 2012    

How Nonprofits Can Get the Most Out of Foursquare

Location-based social platforms like Foursquare are making good use of the opportunities the social and mobile web offer. Foursquare is continually adding more features to make the world easier to use and explore. Many nonprofits are using these...

Posted February 10, 2012    

Using the Google+ Ripples Feature to Identify Key Influencers

 Brian Honigman is a Social Media Account Manager at LunaMetrics. This post was originally published on BrianHonigman.com.With the launch of Google+ pages marketers have become even more interested in how to best spread their...

Posted December 8, 2011