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Are You Protected from Hackers on Public WiFi? [INFOGRAPHIC]

During tax season and beyond, it is hard to go a day without seeing a sign for free public WiFi at a local coffee shop, library, restaurant, airport, hotel, train station and countless other locations.  No matter where we go, WiFi is around us...

Posted April 8, 2014    

Data Privacy Day Kick-Off Event Tackles the Big Privacy Issues

It was a cold, harsh day in Washington, DC, on Tuesday, January 28, but that didn’t stop more than 100 attendees from the privacy and technology sectors from gathering at the Pew Charitable Trusts for Data Privacy Day (DPD) 2014, sponsored by Stay...

Posted February 10, 2014    

You Are What You Type: Facebook Tracks What You Decide Not to Post

We all do it: start typing into the status update bar on Facebook and then use our (better) judgment to delete those thoughts and not share them with the world.Facebook calls it “self-censorship,” and according to a report by Slate’ s Jennifer...

Posted December 24, 2013    

Facebook's "Free" WiFi Could Cost You More Than a Check-in

Earlier this month Facebook announced an interesting partnership with Cisco; the two tech companies have teamed up to provide free WiFi access at local businesses.Connect Mobile Experiences (CMX), the Facebook/Cisco free WiFi program, has been...

Posted October 16, 2013    

Protect Yourself from Facebook Scams with Facecrooks: The Social Media Privacy Report

We have never been shy when it comes to reporting on Facebook and the network’s myriad privacy risks for users, and we do offer comprehensive tips on how users can manage the site’s settings for maximum security. However, Facebook’s social ecosystem...

Posted February 29, 2012