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Do You Really Need That Hashtag?

From accidentally utilizing adult-themed hashtags to newsjacking, many brands across the board are still misusing hashtags on platforms like Twitter and Instagram. Unsurprisingly, in a saturated environment, these conversations are getting lost...

Posted January 23, 2014    

Improve Your Content By Asking Why (Not Just How)

As social media professionals, we’re used to thinking about how people are interacting with social media. Are they tweeting during TV shows? Are they using Instagram to capture their entrées at restaurants? These questions, however, leave out a key...

Posted September 9, 2013    

The 7 NEW Deadly Sins of Social Media

Two years ago, I wrote the original 7 Deadly Sins of Social Media here on Social Media Today. While many of those offenses continue to hold true, the landscape has changed considerably, and with it, our knowledge of each platform. Every good social...

Posted September 4, 2013    

3 Steps to Better Social Analysis With Post Tags

Lots of things are shifting in the social space for brands this year - one of the most important being a heightened (and long overdue) focus on analytics. While data nerds like me have been pulling stats about their social communities for a few...

Posted January 10, 2013    

The 5 Types of Facebook Fans (and How to Keep Them)

One of the things that's kept me busy during my community management days has been attempting to profile the various types of Facebook fans. And while fans are each unique (since they're all different people), many of their behaviors fall into...

Posted June 11, 2012    

The 5 Worst Community Management Practices

One of the biggest misconceptions attached with social media is that anyone can "do" it. With millions of people on Facebook and Twitter alone, we're certainly familiar as a society. But, familiarity doesn't always equal expertise, and that very...

Posted May 15, 2012    

How Brands Will Redeem Klout's Clout

As a community manager, I'm constantly fascinated with social influence. So, when Klout introduced itself as the standard for that very thing, I took notice. You may already know from a previous article that I was less than impressed. As it stands...

Posted April 28, 2012    

Path: The 'Future' of Social Networking?

Amidst fear of social media fatigue, those in the digital space tried to figure out how to engage audiences and refresh their social networking spirits. Then along came Path, a mobile social network available only to Android and iPhone users. Though...

Posted January 11, 2012    

The Standard for Influence: Is It Really?

This article originally appeared on For Placement.Social media measurement tools are in hot pursuit by people attempting to leverage their networks. People are desperately trying to put a number on how far their reach is, how much engagement their...

Posted August 24, 2011    

Google Analytics for Marketers (& Designers, Too!)

If you actively maintain a website, whether it’s your own or your company’s, I’m guessing you’ve at least heard of Google Analytics. Just in case, Google Analytics is a free service provided by those tech geniuses that measures website...

Posted August 17, 2011    

What Time Should I Post This?

Recently, I was playing around with a tool that, like Klout, measured my social influence. Now, I haven’t yet found a measurement tool that’s the “end all, be all” of social media metrics, but I’m always interested in seeing what my...

Posted August 12, 2011    

7 Deadly Sins of Social Media

Social media’s been a great tool for marketing, networking, and sharing information. This relatively new technology has truly revolutionized the way businesses, brands, and communities interact with one another. When used right, it starts...

Posted August 4, 2011