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How Technology Has Changed Selling: New Tools, Old Rules

 Has technology changed Selling? Do the “Rules” from years ago still apply?The impact of technology in the sales profession is profound, altering everything from strategy, tactics, process and the buyer expectaions and actions. My focus in...

Posted March 7, 2014    

Google Helpouts Not Ready for Business to Business Markets

 Google’s newest initiative is a tool/service they call Helpouts by Google. It incorporates Google Hangouts, Google Voice Chat, Google Wallet and other Google tools to deliver a service to customers for free or for a fee. Still very new and...

Posted December 11, 2013    

Small Business Owners Have Learned the Power of Web Tools

 Small businesses continue to set the pace of hiring, growth and innovation in the US. They are typically first to adapt, quick to move into new areas of opportunity, and easily move away from activities that do not produce results. Small...

Posted July 3, 2013    

Whiteboard Animation Sales Videos That Grab Attention

 Sales videos that grab the attention of the recipient are valued treasures when you come across one. Creating one of these masterpieces is always a challenge and innovation and experimentation is going on all the time to find the next big...

Posted September 12, 2012    

Have You Seen Yourself From The Customer’s Side of The Desk?

I met a terrific new contact last week that asked the following question of me: “Can you suggest a tool for practicing phone skills and face to face conversational selling skills? I’d like to sit down with my laptop, and engage in simulated sales...

Posted March 1, 2012    

Salesperson Email Tool for Customer Communication

I have set up hundreds of accounts with Email Service Providers (ESP’s) including services like Constant Contact, AWeber and MailChimp for clients and individuals. Each has its own strengths and ideal customer. I am a big believer in the power of...

Posted December 29, 2011    

Top Sales Books To Read in 2012

My list of top sales books to read in 2012 consists of books that were published during 2011 and contain innovative, fresh ideas about selling, customer expectations, and how to improve your ability to win new business customers. While the title...

Posted December 1, 2011    

LinkedIn for Sales People in 30 Minutes a Week

There are over one billion Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn alone each month. Social media has fundamentally changed the way our society communicates, the way we make purchasing decisions, where we work and even...

Posted November 28, 2011    

Are You Still Selling Station Wagons?

Some of you might not even know what they are. Back in the 50′s and 60′s, station wagons were the transportation of choice for families with kids and busy lifestyles. Typically configured to carry five to eight people if necessary, this is how many...

Posted October 12, 2011