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Social Media Pundits (Mostly) Suck at Engagement

Social media is an industry that isn’t afraid to throw around buzz words. Like a restaurant’s “Soup du jour” a new hot word comes spilling down the road each day (more or less) and the industry thought leaders and pundits take to the interwebs to...

Posted April 10, 2014    

Influencers: Choose Brand Associations with Caution

Building influence online and offline is hard work.At the center of becoming influential, is the ability to earn trust within your community.  This trust becomes the catalyst for getting things done.This trust is displayed by CEOs leading...

Posted April 3, 2014    

PR: The Missing Piece of the Influence Equation

As the world turns and brand journalism elevates to the forefront of the content overload experience known as the internet, the desire for increased visibility and placement has become the holy grail for comms and PR.For the longest time the role of...

Posted March 26, 2014    

Why Small Brands Need Big Data

For Business Big And Small, Big Data Is A Big DealDid you know that 90% of the world’s data was generated in the past 2 years?Moreover, every minute on the internet there are more than 2,000,000 Google searches, 685,000 Facebook updates, 200 million...

Posted March 14, 2014    

A-Listless: Misguided Brands Must Stop Sponsoring Jerks

It is without a doubt that influence marketing has reached a tipping point and it isn’t without good reason.People are doing more and more searching online for articles and information to help them in their buyer’s journey. This goes from diapers to...

Posted March 12, 2014    

The Rise of Brands as Media Companies

It’s the latest craze, the emerging brand sponsored content site where companies pump out content off of their corporate website with the hopes of connecting to their target consumer in a way that doesn’t feel “Salesy.”Visit sites like Forbes or Inc...

Posted March 7, 2014    

Digital Agencies Have Reached an Inflection Point

Agencies Must Get Faster, More Responsive and Increase DifferentiationThe death of the digital agency has perhaps been announced prematurely, but where there is smoke there is fire, and if you are in the business of serving up brands with the...

Posted February 26, 2014    

Branding Revolution: Earn Readership on Owned Media

There is much debate today as to whether or not the end of the corporate website is near, or perhaps has already come.Global brand leaders like Coca Cola, IBM, American Express and so many more have turned their attention to building communities...

Posted February 19, 2014    

Klout Acquired: Should We Care?

In almost a bizarre fashion following a night of discussion with Mark Schaefer and TJ McCue about the validity (or lack thereof) of Klout, right there in my Facebook stream I see a “Mashable” article delivering the news that Klout has reached an...

Posted February 17, 2014    

Why Social Media Makes Employees More Productive [VIDEO]

Would you be the least bit surprised if I told you 98 percent of businesses depend almost entirely on word of mouth marketing?What if I told you of those 98 percent, only three percent have a strategy for obtaining leads via word of mouth?Here is my...

Posted February 15, 2014    

8 Simple Ways To Inspire Your Customers

There are many different ways to get through to your customers. Sometimes it is showing them a new product. Other times it is delivering above and beyond there wildest expectations. In some cases, simply showing up is all that is required....

Posted August 22, 2012    

An Ironic Blog Post About Getting More Comments

First and foremost I’m a marketer. I love leadership, Social Media, Business, Education etc…but I’m a marketer. That should explain why I like list blogs, gamification, and I think Klout was/is really on to something. This past week I was so lucky...

Posted December 26, 2011