Big changes are about to be announced from Google! The mighty search engine is starting to become agitated! Dark mutterings send advance warning ripples across the pond as company insiders issue cryptic statements! The next showdown with the spammers is about to happen real soon!

Despite recent algorithm changes, the spam pandemic is threatening to engulf the web. As social media rapidly transforms the entire public space for fast, genuine and relevant info/news/message search and site engagement, the issues of trust and link building authenticity are coming to a head!

According to statements from key staff insiders, Google have “ … been working on this issue for a long time, and made some progress. These efforts started long before the recent spat of news articles… the central issue is that it’s very difficult to make changes … that don’t make the results, in general, worse. You can expect some big changes here very shortly, though ”.

The development of socially driven, immersive exchange has been fuelled by networking sites like Twitter and Facebook naturally combining with the smartphone revolution. The progress for the many eCommerce businesses who do generate genuine, responsible and quality online marketing content can only safely continue if it is not compromised by those ubiquitous armies of individuals who ‘do not get it’ and whose only interest is to PageRank and extract revenue by any illegal means.

This again from Google, “ We’re not blind to the fact that a lot of scummy sites run Adsense, but the even scummier ones have already been kicked out of Adsense and now use other ad networks or affiliate programs. Denying spammers revenue has been at times the explicit goal of projects that launched”.

In the short term, as has been reported previously, Google will be releasing its ‘content farm’ algorithm, which aims to more succinctly determine content relevancy and quality as opposed to simply being manufactured for mass keyword spamming. It’s unlikely that Google will impose an Adsense filter as this might seriously interfere with genuine sites. The search engine is already aware that AdSense has actually encouraged the increase of spam rather than reduce the volume and spammers are supremely adept at finding devious new ways of gaming the system.

It has been predicted that social web search will eventually make the traditional PPC ad paid search model and the reliance on SEO keyword linkbait less important than peer-to-peer and word-of-mouth marketing. The search engines are becoming responsive to ‘social signals’, and the coming QR / bar scan mobile technology will mean we will soon be able to ‘augment reality’ and pull valuable content directly from our daily living interaction with the world.

With Google about to go on the spam offensive once more, the priorities of ensuring brand identity trust and keeping organic traffic flowing is acutely dependent on quality content more than ever to gain the possibility of highly ranking.