social media content strategyDo you think it’s possible to create truly unique, compelling content on social media for your business or brand?

Consider this, every single day there are…

1,310,000 new blog posts published – on WordPress alone (source:

200,000,000 tweets (source:

422,000,000 Facebook status updates (source:

50,400 hours of video uploaded to YouTube (source:

40,000,000 photos posted to Instagram (source:

Needless to say, there is a glut of new content created each and every day. Even the most imaginative businesses, brands, agencies, and other professional content creators can have a difficult time finding ways to make their content stand out from the rest.

With the sheer volume of content being created every second, you really shouldn’t beat yourself up about this. Inevitably, even the content you haven’t even thought about creating yet, has probably already been produced somewhere, by someone, on one platform or another.

And if you do manage to think of something truly unique, chances are that someone is probably thinking a similar thing to you at that very moment. In fact, some of the most important thinking in history was being conceived by different people, in very different places, at virtually the same moment in time. The telephone was invented by Alexander Graham Bell, right? At virtually the same time Elisha Gray patented his design (more examples of these occurrences here and here).

Crazy, right?

How can you possibly create content on an ongoing basis that is going to be unique, that people are going to want to consume, and that you can truly feel good about?

Believe it or not, there is good news. There are actually a couple of surefire ways that you can make your content stand out, and they’re easy to apply.


Create content with your own voice, and in your own style. Don’t pretend to be something you’re not. People will see through it and your content will suffer as a result. No matter how much content is being created every day that might be similar in nature to yours, you are the only you. So, exploit that as a key difference.


The experience you, your business, or brand has accrued can be another differentiator when it comes to content creation. Nobody has the same experience to draw upon, apply, and share with their audience. Use all of this to your advantage and give your content a fresh perspective – yours. Also, demonstrating your experience is proof of your capabilities and expertise, both key to any consumer making a purchase decision.

What do you think, is there such thing as truly unique content? How do you go about applying authenticity and your experience to your content?

image: unique/shutterstock