Dan Waldschmidt and Todd Schnick, the SalesChaosTV anchors, rarely mince words. If it's possible, they are even more strident when it comes to those on LinkedIn who fall into the category of what they call "Bad Behavior."

You know the type, the ones that connect with you and shortly thereafter send you a message hyping their best-kept secrets to riches or who comment on a question within a LinkedIn group by pushing their own (fee-based) solution.

They even liken that to sitting on your couch at home watching a football game when the door flies open and someone you barely know elbows you out of the way and takes over your spot. Ouch!

Honestly, these guys are big fans of LinkedIn when used responsibly. They see a certain magic to building professional relationships and helping one another via LinkedIn.

Just don't be "that guy!"

(And plan to spend time with the SalesChaosTV guys in a special webinar on April 25. Details upcoming)


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