If you’ve read the ebook by David Meerman Scott Newsjacking it should already have occurred to you that there might be ways to newsjack the flood of media attention super storm Sandy is getting. It is one of the biggest storms ever to hit the US and there is constant media coverage. That means that reporters and bloggers are going to be looking for secondary stories and sources related to the storm to keep the coverage fresh and interesting.

There are a lot of related stories developing – cancelled flights, stranded passengers, clean up tips, survival tips, insurance claims are just a few that easily come to mind.

You don’t even have to be right in the heart of the storm to do this. One of the airports hit hardest was LAX. If you are located near the airport and could offer assistance to stranded passengers or offer business people a place to work while they are in LA, that could be an angle. This could also apply to people stranded in Europe trying to get back to the East Coast. Research how this storm is affecting business people all over who are stuck in another city and tie your service into the trend. Create an infographic. Interview stranded passengers who are using your facility on video. Offer this to your local news station.

One of the biggest problems in areas hit by the storm is lack of electricity. Publish tips that can help people in this situation- bearing in mind they already have no power. Tips for preparing for a power outage are not useful right now.

Schools are closed in most areas hit by the storm and people are being told to stay indoors. That means kids cooped up inside in bad weather for a few days. On the news last night they interviewed a couple with a young son who live in an apartment in New York City. The mom and the boy were running races in the apartment corridors to burn off energy. If you have games or any product or service that could help keep kids entertained through this period, that too could be a good story.

Again, think of the bigger story. How many kids are cooped up indoors in NYC because of Sandy? How many moms are at home and not at work? How could your product or service help them cope? Perhaps they could document what is happening in their neighborhood and produce a news journal using your camera, printer or crafting products. If you are a professional organizer you could create a game that teaches kids to organize objects. It teaches them logical thinking too. See this post.

It takes imagination and creativity to news jack an event like Sandy.  But there are hundreds if not thousands of reporters and bloggers looking for Sandy material right now.  Why not give them a story with real value, based on good research and trends supported by great visuals.