Recruiting has never been an easy job. You really have to be able to pick up cues from candidates to determine how they will fit if you hire them for your organization.

To do that well it takes skill, time and even some luck. I know there were recruiters that just wished, especially when they were undecided on a candidate if they could just be a fly on the wall to see them in the real world to determine if they would be a good hire.

If you wish hard enough sometimes they come true. Right now all recruiters have two powerful ways to be the proverbial fly and get a behind the scenes look at candidates. The first is Google. Just by putting in someone’s name you can find a wealth of information that you would never find on a resume or even through an interview.

The second is of course Facebook. Where else can you go to see information directly from the candidate on their likes, dislikes and really get to know them on a personal level.

But like all good things there can be a dark side. Many recruiters worry that by seeing this information they will learn damaging information. This will cause them to reject candidates and that can open them up to potential lawsuits.

It’s a hard case for a candidate to make against an organization that they weren’t hired because of information that they themselves published on an open site. It’s also difficult to prove that a recruiter went to your Facebook page and that what they saw there was the specific reason you didn’t get the job.

If you are going for a job that requires drug tests and background checks, than is checking a person’s Facebook page really any more intrusive. When you ask for background and drug testing the companies make it known usually even before you come for an interview so you do have the chance to opt out.

If companies make their policies clear to ALL candidate than it becomes their responsibility to understand the implications and take a look at themselves to know if they need to be concerned.

What do you think? Should checking Facebook be standard for recruiters?

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