get more retweets on twitter 300x225 5 Ways To Get More Retweets on Twitter

A retweet on Twitter is a simple, but powerful ways to take your content that you’re sharing with current followers and potentially making it viral. When someone retweets (RT) what you’ve posted the message goes beyond your personal follower pool. It’s instantly sent to other new tweeters, which exponentially increases awareness about your brand through your tweet. Similar to other social media phenomenon, a RT is more coveted than achieved, but by following some of the suggestions below you can finesse your tweets to make them retweet-worthy in no time.

1. Retweet Others

Famous Beatle and singer/song-writer John Lennon once said, “the love you take is equal to the love you make,” and that same philosophy can be applied to Twitter. You need to retweet other tweeps if you want them to retweet you. This doesn’t mean that you need to go on a RT rampage. Pick and choose good tweet content that is worth sharing and make it happen through a retweet. Include @reply so that they’re looped in on your generous efforts.

2. Embrace Hashtags

Overuse of hashtags can appear spammy so employ them sparingly. Because hashtags organize tweets so that people can follow them based on category you have a good chance getting your retweet pushed out to many like-minded tweeps at the same time. In other words, a hashtag is like a group. For instance, if you sent a tweet about your award winning chocolate chip cookie recipe and add #cookies to your tweet it will show up in the #cookies hashtag feed and everyone reading that feed will see your tweet. If you want to know how hashtags are trending or being used visit

3. Short And Sweet

Twitter has a 140 character limitation on all tweets. The character cap seems even tighter when you factor in a shortened URL, @reply, hashtag and retweet. So, when you craft your tweets think about the other elements that can encroach on the 140 characters. Your tweet should be short, succinct and simple so that your tweeps know what it’s about and when it comes through as retweet it won’t be partially dissected by Twitter.

4. The Best Time

A-list blogger and social media expert Dan Zarella spent some time analyzing and evaluating retweet data to determine if there were certain days or times that favored retweets in comparison to others. Zarella observed that beginning in the morning business hours on Eastern Standard Time (EST) the quantity of retweets steadily increases. Additionally, content that begins as a tweet during this same timeframe will gain a significant number of retweets than original content posted in during other times.

There has been additional debate about specific hours throughout the day that tend to yield more retweets versus others. Some people believe that the hours after lunch and at the end of the work day are when the largest percentage of retweets occurs, however, because concrete data is unavailable we’ve refrained from exploring this area in our blog post.

5. Ask For It

If you want to get something retweeted then ask for it in your tweet. Sounds simple enough, but surprisingly many people choose not to include a call-to-action on their tweets.

How are you using retweets to drive traffic to your blog? What results have you seen? Add a comment or two down below.