Our good friend Delfin Vassallo (who we met in Helsinki last yet) captured what was said at our first Social Media Week event on Social Recruitment.

With thanks to Delfin, we’re republishing his blog post here:

Social Recruitment Debate

Today’s most interesting topic at Social Media Week so far was the debate about Social Recruiting. From both points of view, independent recruiters and corporate ones, the agreement was that Social Recruitment has arrived to organisations to stay, whether you like it or not. “...and from now on companies have to engage with candidates in a way they have never done before” said Andy Headworth from Sirona Consulting 

What social recruitment actually is?

Don’t try to elaborate complicated theoretical definitions, Social Recruitment is just the digitalisation of the recruiting process. If companies wan to have the best possible talent“they have to go out and look for the candidates where they are, and engage with them with one authentic voice” stated Becky Folb, Global Talent Acquisition Manager of Nokia.

You may think that your target as a employer most probably is not on Twitter, but with more than 500 million options to choose from, it is definitely on Facebook. Generations coming through now are on the social channels and companies must be there to engage with them.

The Attraction Strategy

The only "client” represented at the panel, Nokia explained their Attraction Strategy: “We are hoping people to know why they want to work for us when they come to us. They know us already", Becky gave a concrete example: In Malaysia Nokia needed digital marketing talent, using traditional media they got 11 cv’s in one week, not all of them totally suitable for their needs. After setting up the Facebook Speed Hiring page they received more than 300 cv’s, concluding in 44 interviews and all positions filled with extraordinary talent.

Current issues to keep in mind

  • ’Social Media is great to amplify, the problem is on funnel’s filter’ Pointed out Marc Mapes Companies can’t get back to each and one of the candidates, they’re not prepared to massive answer on Social Media
  • What you preach on social must be what you practice in the organisation because now it’ll come back to you very quickly.
  • The common agreement was that a strategy mix is required, the old methods are not all broken, and social isn’t a magic wand.

I maybe missed a little bit some more insights from the third part in question: the job-seekers. And how they perceive the ease (or not) of using job boards vs social media in their job hunting. But all together was a very good exercise to demonstrate how Social Media, after taking posses of PR and marketing departments within organisations, now is involving HR practices as well.