Do you remember going to pick out a Trapper Keeper for school? Half the fun was showing it off to your fellow classmates on the first day back to the classroom.

Image“In a way, that is what we do at Tweet Binder,” says Javier Abrego, who founded the Twitter analytics tool. “We provide the coolest binder and individual organizing tabs full of what you want to know about what is being said on Twitter. As an added bonus, you get to share it with all of your followers in a report.”

Tweet Binder analyzes and organizes Twitter information on any topic. The free tool sorts up to 2,000 tweets into endless categories, or binders, as far as the Twitter API allows for a free service (six days). It also identifies the main #hashtag contributors.

“We created Tweet Binder for marketing, media and event companies in need of a way to quickly and efficiently generate deep analytics of Twitter users based on a variety of different filters such as hashtags, keywords, photos, text-only tweets, check-ins and retweets,” Abrego says. “By creating “binders” based on these customized filters, companies can track in real time how Twitter followers are reacting to their products and events.”

Tweet Binder is growing up quickly. It launched from Spain in April 2013 and has already moved to the U.S. “I believe this speaks to the inherent demand for a platform such as ours,” Abrego says. “Due to demand, we decided to open additional branches in NYC’s HIVE at 55 as well as Boulder, Colorado through the HUB.”

Anyone who has a product, service or program that cares to know how they are being understood by the roughly one-half billon Twitter users and about 200 million tweets sent per day will want to use Tweet Binder, according to Abrego, who has worked in online marketing and PR, and speaks about social networks on TV and radio stations in Spain.

“At the same time, Tweet Binder´s reach extends further than this,” he says. “For we can tap into what companies’ competitors are saying and how they are responding to their clients in real time. What business would not want to have an eye on what their competitors are doing on a day-to-day basis? Through our personalized binders, we can make this happen for anyone.”

ImageThe startup’s original quantitative goals (i.e., number of unique users, number of searches in Tweet Binder and number of referrals, etc.) are being met every month and continue to grow exponentially on a weekly basis. “We are en route to hit 100,000 unique users before the end of the year,” says Abrego, estimating that they will roll out a pro service in the next few months, which would include being able to get older tweets.

Right now, Tweet Binder is focused on trying to keep up with the needs of their clients by developing new features and metrics that they want implemented in the platform.

“I like the ‘controlled chaos’ that is inherent in our business,” Abrego says about the rapid changes the growing startup is facing. “We never feel that we are done. The faces behind Tweet Binder work relentlessly to give you the best, customized and unique Twitter analytic tool on the market today.” 

For a demo on how to use your Tweet Binder “Trapper Keeper,” go here.

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