The U.S. Senate has passed a bill that would help curb online and mobile stalking by creating new rules for online location privacy. Brought to the Senate by Sen. Al Franken, the bill would keep companies — apps, OS makers, and mobile carriers — from secretly monitoring your location. If the bill becomes law, consumers will have to give consent before information about their location can be shared or even collected. Most reputable applications, such as Google Maps, Foursquare, and Facebook, already take steps to get your consent, but the bill would make it mandatory. bill/#gXjwBm7R42vIzgyd.99

The National Rifle Association hid its Facebook page to prevent uncivil debates from being discussed on its wall in the wake of the tragic shooting in Newtown, Conn. The NRA hasn’t confirmed that it voluntarily hid the Page from the public.

The British newspaper The Guardian has discontinued its Facebook social reader, which only debuted in September. The Guardian social reader had about 12 million initual signups and 6 million monthly active users at its peak. But lately, the app had fallen to approximately 2.5 million monthly active users.

Barrett Brown, the journalist covering Anonymous-related activities for news outlets like The Guardian, was charged on December 14 with 12 charges including linking, identity theft and fraud related to the Stratfor Global Intelligence hack.

Twitter now allows users to download all their tweets from the beginning of their history with the service.