On Dec. 19, the Federal Trade Commission updated its rules governing children’s online privacy to reflect the growth of social networks and smartphone apps, but backed away from earlier proposals that could have made companies like Facebook and Apple more responsible for violations. Kids’ apps and websites will now have to obtain parental consent before gathering kids’ photos, videos or geographic location, or tracking kids’ online behavior and passing along the data to other companies. Read more.

Twitter changed the roles of two senior staff members. Chief Financial Officer Ali Rowghani has been moved to the top operating role and former Zynga treasurer Mike Gupta is now the company’s CFO. Read more.

Evernote released a new version of Evernote Food, an app for iPhone and iPad. Evernote Food, which is used to capture memorable food moments, originally launched a year ago. Users can create Meals and add photos, captions, location tags, and notes to document their dining adventures. Read more.

Rabbit is launching a new way to video chat. It’s a desktop app where people create persistent group chat rooms, talk with friends or strangers, and view media together. Read more.

The Chinese government has suggested that it will begin to limit what has been a relatively free domestic mobile app market. Apple’s use of the secure HTTPS protocol for its App Store offers a temporary loophole that side steps some censorship of sensitive software. Read more.

Facebook is putting the brakes on a test project it launched earlier this year that lets it place its own ads on other developer’s mobile apps. Read more.