Last week my colleague Taylor Ellwood wrote a piece called "Transparency in social media."

It was a very well-crafted post which tells of Intel's social media policy re: transparency. The column also has some excellent advice, such as this...

"Transparency shows a willingness to take a risk and participate in a public forum. And you won’t always be right, there will be moments you make mistakes, but transparency shows a willingness to accept that and understand that participation in a public forum does provide some risks, but also benefits, because people can put a face to the business and develop relationships with people instead of with business logos."

It's that whole "public forum" and "putting a face" I want to talk about today and share with you an experience I just had...

I was recently on and came across this ad (below) which had been deemed as their "Ad of the Day":

Here are the comments to the ad, starting with mine... pay close attention to the names attached to the commenters.



See a pattern?

Not to toot my own horn but toot-toot. I am the only one to A) use his real first & last name and B) include my picture.

MouthyAlex shows his picture - at least I assume it is him, but where's his full name? I will give him credit for providing a link to his website.

But as for the others, "BodizzlePA" and "igotcha" ... yeah it looks like that whole transparency thing is not for them as they would rather hide behind some fictitious moniker...

In his post, Taylor asked "How does your business approach transparency in social media?"

I want to know how you approach it from a person perspective? Are you transparent? In a matter of speaking of course... :)