Online privacy... it's an issue we are all, or least should be, very concerned about. But I don't think most of us realize just how much information we give away every single day.

We're online all the time... or so it seems. We all search to our heart's content. We make purchases online, do our banking online, many of us for all intents and purposes live... online.

A recent video reveals just how much information we give away over the course of a simple lunch break. The video was created by a company called Privacy International, who according to their website "has vigorously defended personal privacy for over twenty years" and "... campaigned across the world to protect people against intrusion by governments and corporations that seek to erode this fragile right."

This brief video paints a very scary and enlightening picture of how much information we willfully give away to anyone who wants during the course of a simple lunch break. Watch this video and think about it the next time you "innocently" or so think, go online and start searching for something, anything. People are watching and tracking and storing your information.

Source: Privacy International, How Much Information Do We Give Away Every Day Online?