How a brand handles a crisis is of course very important. The recent FedEx delivery driver debacle once again brought to light the need for proper crisis management. A nationally-renowned expert of crisis management weighs in.

About a month ago I wrote a post titled Is A Crisis The Real Test Of A Brand When It Comes To Social Media? which, aside from asking the question, made reference to two brands and how each dealt with a crisis - the Red Cross (good) and Chapstick (not so good).

FedEx of course is going through its own crisis and how they manage it will be closely watched and monitored. 

In case you missed it, here's the video that went viral and is at the root of the current crisis FedEx finds itself in:

Here is FedEx's official reply from Matthew Thornton III, Senior Vice President, US Operations, FedEx Express:

And here's what The Star Group's Steve Albertini (a nationally-recognized expert on crisis management) thinks, and what grade he would give FedEx for their handling of this issue...


So what do you think?

What grade would you give FedEx?

What could they have done differently, if anything?

Do you think this will have any impact on the FedEx brand?

Sources: YouTube, Google Images, The Star Group 

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