How many ways are there to close a sale, and are any of them guaranteed to work?   Hundreds, and probably not.

Closing the sale is a figment of the sales guys fear.  That's why the very concept is cloaked in mystery, and why there are so many secret sauces.

Understandably sales people are nervous about getting on the wrong side of prospects.  By the time all the questions are asked, and the pitches made.  After the investment in time and effort.  After the buyer gets interested.  That's when the worry starts.

When the buyer makes a decision there's only one place on the rostrum - no prizes for coming second.  Its Hero or Zero time. The winner takes the prize and losers slink away licking their wounds.

No wonder sales people worry about closing. Its so final. There are no second chances.

That's why there are so many theories about how to close the sale.

The good news is there's no reason for them to worry.  Prospects expect sales people to ask for the order.  And if the proposal meets their needs. If they believe they'll get what they want.  If they're confident they're making the right decision.  They'll say yes, when asked for the order.

And that's where the secret is. It's not about clever words.  It's not about techniques.  It's not about Faith Hope and Charity.  It is about getting it right.

That's the CEO Close.

  1. What do I need to do to win your business?
  2. If I do this will it achieve that?
  3. If I achieve that will you give me the order?
If you don't believe me, arrange a meeting between the prospect's CEO and yours.  Explain to your boss the background.  Sit back and watch how business people work with business people.

Next time you'll do it on your own.