Are you considering creating an animated explainer video for your business? Do you need inspiration on what to choose for an animation style, music, or script?
We have 7 awesome examples of animated explainer videos that actually convert. From driving additional sales to user sign-ups to engaging visitors, we show you what works and what doesn't work with animated explainer videos.

1) Crazy Egg
Why it works:
  • Neil Patel reports that the video drives an extra $21,000 a month for Crazy Egg
  • Explains why Google Analytics isn't enough to find out why your visitors are NOT buying
  • Uses social proof by using logos of well-known brands (2:28 mark)


2) Dropbox

Why it works:
  • Generates 1,000's of new signups every day (source)
  • Dropbox is a little tough to explain. The video does a great job of explaining the benefits
  • Love the cut-out animation style


3) ZenCash

Why it works:
  • 74% of ZenCash visitors watch the video (source)
  • Doodle-style animation and upbeat music
  • Short and sweet. Kept the video around 90 seconds


4) (formerly Rypple)

Why it works:
  • homepage with video converted 20% more than homepage without video (source)
  • White board animation video
  • Clearly states the problems associated with today's company culture and the benefits that Rypple can provide


5) Inbenta 

Why it works:
  • Inbenta received a 20% increase in online leads since posting video on website (source)
  • Fun, quirky video that highlights benefit of software
  • Like the use of a mascot 
  • Ends with a clear call-to-action
6) SendGrid

Why it works:
  • SendGrid's employees in Sales and Support were thrilled that they had a resource to send potential customers how to use the product (source)
  • Love the combination of a white board animation and cut-out animation
  • Customers found the video to be informative and engaging
7) VidYard

Why it works:
  • Vidyard reports a 100% increase in user signups when using video on their pre-launch landing page
  • Video does a great job of combining live action with animation
  • The animation clearly visualizes the benefits of the software
  • Vidyard player allows you to have a call-to-action at the end

If you've ever thought about creating an animated video, then now is the time to start. These case studies show you the value they can provide to your business for years to come.
If you're curious about the process of creating an animated video, check out our blog post that details the step-by-step guide on creating your own animated video.
What are your favorites? What questions do you have about animated videos? What are you struggling with when it comes to using or creating videos? Let me know in the comments below.