I confess, I’ve had the bug more than once.  I found Kathryn Roy’s May 27th MarketingProfs article, “Seven Infectious Diseases of B2B Marketing—and Their Cures” both entertaining and helpful for diagnosis and remediation.   On further reflection, however, I wondered how many of the afflicted had any idea that they could be ill.   I’ve long professed that Marketing is responsible for engineering results, for developing, leading, and executing plans that produce intended outcomes.  Too often Marketers lose sight of their responsibility and simply do things without being able to answer the question “Why am I doing this” or “what outcome would constitute success?”    Without a clear understanding of what success is, will someone know when they might be suffering from one of Kathryn’s seven infectious marketing diseases and take the time for diagnosis, let alone a cure?  Knowing there’s a problem is the first step.  Then one can thank Kathryn for her guidance in diagnosing and remedying the problem.