ImageAre you using social media? Then pay attention! Your online INFLUENCE is already being scored – whether you like it or not. If you have used Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blogs, Google+, YouTube, Photo Sharing….you are playing in this game of online influence. Right now.

I call it the Social Media ‘Cool Club’ – a significant movement of scoring and ranking your activity online. How well you INFLUENCE others (see Disclaimer at the end).

Why should you care?! Well, a few reasons.

  1. SAVVY SOCIALIZER – aren’t you curious? If you are posting, tweeting, blogging, sharing don’t you want to know how well your message amplifies and how many others it reaches? How you stack up in comparison to others? It is intriguing (and addicting).
  2. REAP REWARDS – you can unlock rewards, receive free samples & coupons, and be the first to use fancy new apps. I kid you not, free and first just because of how well your influence scores.
  3. BUSINESS TRENDS – you become more credible, get more interviews, have a better impression on colleagues and clients. Companies are starting to pay attention to these scores, for hiring and teaming decisions.

So, how is your influence being SCORED? Let’s look at three main measures:

  1. Klout – the ‘cool club’ starts at Over-40! Klout is the most integrated scoring system of your influence (incorporates the most platforms into their measurement). Having a score of 40+ out of 100 indicates minimum influence of a ‘networker’ or a ‘specialist.’ Klout claims to measure how many people you influence, how much, and how many people they influence.
  2. PeerIndex – measures your social capital, through your activity, audience and authority. This score measures each of these components individually, then creates a composite score for your ranking. This is a sophisticated system, yet lacks including multiple platforms. The median score is 19 out of 100, so don’t be discouraged!
  3. TweetGrader – focuses on your tweeting reach, comparing the power of your Twitter profile to others in social media. Your score will reflect a total out of 100, and provides useful tools as well as your latest tweet cloud. It will also rank your Twitter status, out of the 10+ million users!

Whether you like it or not – you are already a Social Media INFLUENCER! This trend is growing, and you can earn some fun rewards, perks and reputation along the way. As you integrate more platforms into your daily social media usage, make sure you are periodically checking your SCORES…. If you aren’t paying attention, someone else is! Enjoy your experience joining the Social Media ‘Cool Club.’

Disclaimer: Succeeding in this 'Cool Club' - should it be your main focus? NO. Simply striving to increase your score isn't the answer! These measures can help with your Social Media strategy! Learn how to enrich relationships. Create more creative (and shareable) content. Influence others more often and better. THAT is the key. The scores should just be a reflection of the influence you are already making.

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