If you read my blog regularly, you’ll find that I am not a fan of hashtag abuse.  Over the past month, I have been experimenting with Twitter in my spare time with an overall goal to increase traffic to my blog.  In that process, I’ve done a lot of reading and even more following in attempt to learn from those who are successful marketing on Twitter.  Twitter hashtags can be an incredibly useful tool, and after reading Twitter’s latest blog share on how to choose a Twitter Hashtag, I figured I would share my list of tips on how to improve your Twitter hashtags.

Only Use Existing Twitter Hashtags to Add to The Conversation

You really, really don’t want to be that guy who jumps in on a Twitter hashtag that has absolutely nothing to do with his message.  If you want to join in on an existing hashtag, make sure what your about to say is relevant and will engage people.  If you decide that your Pretzel fan club needs to advertise, I would suggest not doing so on a hashtag commemorating a fallen celebrity.  Use relevant hashtags as a chance to gain exposure and share your expertise, not a chance for blatant and shameless self promotion.

Make Your Twitter Hashtag Easy to Understand

If people can’t understand what your Twitter hashtag means, they probably aren’t going to use it.  Be outright when creating or using a hashtag, and make sure that people know what message you’re trying to convey.  Avoid the use of vague language or “insiders only” commentary.  If you’re Twitter hashtag is a term relevant to your specific industry, there’s a strong chance that the only people who will understand it is your competition and not your customer base.

Consider Using Promoted Products

If your Twitter hashtag is being created for the purpose of product promotion, despite your reservations, it may be time to shell out some cash to get a trend going.  If you’re using a hashtag to promote your brand, without paid promotion, there’s a very strong chance that nobody is going to find out about the hashtag.  Unless your hashtag is pure viral genius, your most likely only going to reach out to your existing followers and it’s unlikely your Twitter hashtag will make it any further than that.  With paid promotion, you will expose your hashtag and trend to a wider audience, increasing your reach.

Use Your Twitter Hashtag in All of Your Marketing Mediums

If you really want your Twitter hashtag to take off, you need to make sure you’re using it across multiple marketing channels.  If you’re running TV ads, throw the hashtag in them.  Additional media promotion will allow your hashtag to gain momentum outside of Twitter and will expose the message to people who are not a part of your existing fan base.  If you combine paid promotion with exposure on multiple media channels, you have a much higher chance of increasing the total reach of your hashtag campaign.

Choosing a Twitter Hashtag

Choosing a Twitter Hashtag

Have you used a Twitter hashtag to promote your brand?  What did you do to amplify your exposure and increase your following?  Share your thoughts by leaving a comment!