How do marketers determine social media ROI?  This a question asked by many CEO’s and business owners that challenges marketers to deliver value from social media and make a return on their investment. So it’s no surprise that 77% of CEO’s think that marketers don’t really talk about what matters; sales.

I present to you an infographic filled with some of the latest polls and interesting mini-case studies that show support for social media ROI.  In fact, Edible Arrangements actually saw a double digit sales increase after a Facebook promotion!

Infographics have a really powerful viral nature (let’s hope this one gets shared far and wide!), Wordstream created 2 infographics and later received 2000 likes, 1200 tweets and hundreds of leads that lead to sales.

So get sharing people!! If you have any interesting stats about ROI please share them in the comments section below :)  

This infographic was brought to you by the InventHelp marketing team.