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Email marketing is a key component of any marketing campaign nowadays. However, if marketers fail to properly craft e-newsletters and other emailed marketing peripherals, they’ll simply end up in spam folders and will never be seen by their intended recipients—all that hard work will have gone to waste.

Here are a few tips to increase the likelihood of your emails successfully getting past spam filters and ending up in inboxes. Only by improving your emails’ delivery rate can you try to boost their response rate.

Take some time to craft your emails properly.

  Work carefully on your subject line!  —  You’ll need to master the creation of subject lines.  Your email subject line has to pique your readers’ attention while being succinct and timely.  Strike a balance between being simple and being too clever.  Adding the date can help you get past spam filters and give you an air of relevance.

 o   Create a proper newsletter.  —  Focus on crafting excellent content.  The best content allows its author’s voice and personality to shine through.  Speak to your readers.  Be witty without overdoing it.  Be entertaining and informative.  Remember to be concise and get to the point; you don’t want your readers to delete your emails out of boredom.

 o   Avoid unnecessary extras.  —  Resist the temptation to go overboard with images, hyperlinks, complex HTML, and the like. Adding these can actually boost your spam score.  Instead, rely on the quality of your content.

 picture of an email inbox - orlando digital marketing firmo   Remind your readers.  —  Reach out to your recipients and encourage them to whitelist your email address in order to prevent your emails from ending up in their spam folders.

 o   Advertise wisely.  —  Pick your advertisers and partners with extreme care.  You’ll need to make sure you don’t promote advertisers and/or partners with iffy reputations.  By doing so, your association with them can help drive up your ‘spam score’, and can wreck your reputation with your clientele at the same time.

 o   Always make sure to verify your subscribers.  —  Whenever someone subscribes, they should automatically be sent an email that requires them to verify their subscription.  This is important and ensures that your email ‘blasts’ are only sent to valid email addresses.  It also makes sure that your marketing peripherals don’t end up in the inboxes of people who don’t wish to receive them.

 o   Use spam-checkers!  —  Test your emails constantly for ‘spamminess’. You can run the content of your emails past any of the several spam-checker sites online before sending them out.  This is just another way to increase the likelihood of your email getting successfully into your recipients’ inbox.