It’s a great time of year to give your Twitter account a bit of good housekeeping.

By following the below 5 tips your Twitter account will look as if it has had a really great facelift!


Tip 1: Stop following!

Inactive Tweeters, Tweeters with have  no profile pictures and yes even those who are not following you back. Manage Filter is a really fast and effective Twitter tool to enable you to tidy up your account by bulk unfollowing.

Twitters Inactive Account Policy


Tip 2: Set up some Twitter lists

This is a good way to group your Tweeters the same way you would if you were tidying  up a filing cabinet it’s a simple job that will enable you to quickly identify topics and themes. Twitter lists also have the added bonus of cutting out some of the noise  we all experience on Twitter when looking though our Twitter streams.

There are two options available

Option 1 an open list which other tweeters can follow.

Option 2 is a closed list.

All you need to do is click on the link at the top of the page that says “Profile“. After your Avatar you will see the “Edit your profile” text. On the right hand side sits the “create a new list drop down box“. Click the drop down box, now you will be given the option to create an open or closed list.

Take a minute to name your list  and add some basic details so other Tweeters who look at it know instantly what your Twitter list is about. This will influence if they decide to follow the list or not and of course if you decide to keep it private your list will be exactly that private.

Once you have created your list you can add it into your Twitter management platform if you use one. Such as Hootsuite and Tweetdeck for easier viewing.


Tip 3: Change your Twitter Background, Avatar and update your bio

If you do not have a set business background for your Twitter account I recommend using Themeleon.

They have an amazing range of professional Twitter backgrounds.

If you haven’t changed your Avatar in a while look for a new image that best reflects you.

Take  look at your  bio does it need updating, changing just a few words may make it more appealing. It’s like with most things in life  when we start  on a journey  we learn so much along the way that your bio may not even represent who you are anymore.


4: Make your Tweets RARE


  • What are your customers/clients needs?
  • What do your customers need to know about your business/field of expertise?
  • How does your call to action sit in line with your Twitter marketing goals?


  • Are your Tweets specific and to the point?
  • Are your Tweets in plain English and RT “retweetable”?
  • Are your Tweets clear enough so people know exactly what it is you want them to do?


  • Are the links you are providing credible and reliably sourced?
  • Are your Tweets consistent in tone and language?
  • What experience do you want your customers to have?


  • Are your Tweets adding value to your community?
  • How do you enable and support your Twitter community?
  • How approachable are you really?


5: Follow some new Tweeters

So what do you do when you have connected with everyone you know on Twitter and what to look further afield.

  • Carry out a Twitter search looking for Twitters who have similar interests as yourself or even in the same location.
  • Checkout local networking events Twitter accounts to see who they are following, when you follow a Tweeter from a networking group mention that you come to them via (@>>>>) I think it’s just good manners.
  • Join a specific Twitter chat and connect with new Tweeters afterwards.
  • Check out your favourite top 5 Tweeters list’s and pick the top 3 Tweeters who are of interests to you then RT there Tweets if  they are useful to your own community.

Never underestimate the power of an RT!