Here’s how to get started so you won’t make the newbie mistake that almost everyone does.

1- Before you can join Google+, you have to create a gmail account

2- You’ll be prompted to create Google+ account
TIP: Make it a personal profile rather than a company page when you start. You can
add your business page later. I’ll explain why in a subsequent video.

3- The profile starts out with a generic background and you need to upload background photo, headshot and add a tagline. The first thing you need to do when you use Google+ is add a cover photo, a headshot and a tag line that tells who you are.

4 -Upload your headshot.

5 -Add your tagline to create your G+ “card.”

6- TIP – to save time and aggravation, use Social Media Image Maker to make your cover image the perfect size for GooglePlus.

7 – IMPORTANT- complete your profile BEFORE starting to use Google+ More
about that next time!

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