imageHot on the heels of the micro-blogging site’s most recent marketing tool, the lead generation card, Twitter has introduced another new feature to help brands advertise online: Twitter Amplify. Twitter Amplify takes advantage of the multi-screen viewing activity of many Twitter users by showing commercials before sporting clips posted in real-time during tournaments, games and events.

Real-time multi-screen promotional content has featured simultaneously on Twitter and television channels for some time, ever since it was revealed that, as Glenn Brown affirms in the
announcement post on Twitter’s advertising blog, the “vast majority of the online public conversation around TV currently happens on Twitter – 95 per cent”. In fact, a number of studies have shed light on the correlation between television viewing figures and Twitter conversation, including one conducted by Nielsen earlier this year.

Brands have quickly realised that by coordinating their advertising across both television and social media channels, they make customer and fan engagement far more likely. Brands have identified that the least intrusive way to advertise across multiple screens is by promoting popular content:

ESPN and Ford Fusion led the way, bringing football fans Instant Replays in Tweets during every college football bowl game. During March Madness, Turner Sports, the NCAA, AT&T and Coke Zero followed suit, offering fans Real-Time Highlights of hoops action throughout the tournament. And now, during the home stretch through the 2013 Finals, the NBA is pushing the best Rapid Replays from TV, through a Tweet, to your mobile phone thanks to Sony Pictures, Sprint and Taco Bell.

Sports fans often turn to Twitter to catch what they might have missed, or talk with other tweeters about what they are watching. Twitter Amplify helps brands become part of the experience, and perhaps even part of the conversation. The commercials are only ever a few seconds long, similar in length to a Vine in fact, but there is extra promotional content – banners, calls to action excetera – bordering the main video clip to ensure that the promotion’s message gets through.

Twitter has been testing Twitter Amplify with a number of its partners for a month or so, but primarily with sports broadcasters. Now, Twitter has partnered up with other broadcasting companies in an attempt to increase the scope of Twitter Amplify, such as
 BBC America, FOX, Fuse and The Weather Channel.

Twitter believes that the new partnerships will improve what is already a great feature:

We think these types of two-screen sponsorships are a win-win-win. Users receive spectacular, timely content that rounds out their TV experience or reminds them to tune in. Powered by Promoted Tweets, broadcasters reach new audiences and open up new business lines. Brand advertisers get, for the first time, an integrated cross-platform tool for reaching the social conversation wherever it happens.

There is a full list of Amplify partners in the announcement post. If you want to partner up with Twitter and get a piece of the Amplify action, contact the company at