New Trends With the advent of a new year, a lot of things change. People tend to leave behind the mistakes of the past year and plan to start afresh. New trends emerge for different platforms, which dominate these spaces for a year or even more. Similar things happened for social media as well. The way it was managed in 2013 helped it move forward. However, there were a few mistakes and several myths that developed around social media as well. Hence, users need to move forward putting those mistakes aside. The year 2014 is expected to experience new social media trends and the predictions are rich for them. You should keep a tab on the predictions for social media trends expected for 2014.

Social Media – Advancing from a Mere Option

Social media, over the last few years, used to be an option for the business owners. While many of them decided to go for it, there were several who did not. But the situation is not the same any more. Businesses can no longer afford to take social media lightly. Hence, almost all of the businesses will try to strengthen their social media presence in 2014. Proper profiles, pages and groups will be created. Besides, many of the businesses will also advertise on social media in an extensive manner to reach out to maximum customers.

Increasing Popularity of Visuals

Visuals have always been the most important thing when it comes to communicating with others. Remember the old adage, ‘A picture speaks a thousand words’? It is easier to connect with your potential customers if you try to communicate with them through images. This is why the number of social media sites that accept content based primarily on images has increased. Sites like Instagram, Pinterest, and others are growing at a fast pace. The number of members in these sites is on the rise. They depend on graphical representations, which will help the target audience understand the messages conveyed. The use of infographics and similar other graphical representations will turn out to be important.

Paid Advertisements to Reach Out to Maximum People

The objective of maximum businesses will remain the same: to reach out to as many potential customers as possible. And for this, the businesses will try as much as possible. They will even go for the paid advertisements across different platforms. Such advertisements will be published across some of the most important platforms. Among them, the social media websites occupy special mention. As millions of users are there on social media websites, such as Facebook and others, the businesses will target these web platforms to ensure that people are made aware of their offerings. Businesses will be ready to spend a good amount of money on publicity, thus driving the demand for paid forms of advertisements.

Contextual and Objective Content

The importance of volume for content is dwindling fast. Gone are the days when you used to write a lot of content and those used to be the main driver to help your website move up the search engine results. The focus has shifted in a significant way. If you write loads of content now, which are not up to the mark and out of context, it will not be of any help. It needs to be replaced with contents, which are perfectly to the point. Hence, the contents, which are contextual and created in an objective manner, will help your website gain prominence online.

Perform Publicity with the Help of an Extensive Fan Base

Marketing and publicity are closely linked and are essential for your business. Without proper publicity, it will not be possible for you to reach out to majority of your target audience and hence, your business will never gain popularity. And for this publicity, it is necessary to have a large number of fans. This is going to drive ‘fandom’ for your website. Create extensive fan bases on different social media platforms. It will help your website gain significant popularity. The fan base is also going to come in handy in helping more people know about your business. Marketing through word of mouth will play an increasingly important role. This form of fan empowerment will play an important role in ensuring that your business reaches its zenith of popularity.

The transforming social media has seen several mistakes, which were committed in its use over the past few years. However, business owners are learning from their mistakes and helping it transform. Social media is still expected to continue playing a significant role to help businesses perform properly to win the confidence of the customers.